WK13-Classmate Conversation-Elyse Vega


For this week’s classmate conversation, I had a great conversation with Elyse Vega outside the art galleries! Elyse Vega is currently attending CSULB as a Sophomore with the intent to graduate with a B.S. in Consumer Affairs. At first, she came in as a Biology major, but that quickly changed to Psychology, then Business, then Kinesiology, and then eventually to Consumer Affairs haha. She isn’t from around the Long Beach area as she was born and raised in San Diego, CA with 6 other siblings (3 brothers and 3 sisters). Some of the hobbies that Elyse loves to do in her spare time include playing volleyball and spending time doing activities for her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha. I had asked her what it means to be in a sorority since I don’t know much about Greek life and she told me that aside from all the fun activities she does with her fellow members, that she also has responsibilities to accomplish. Aside from school related work, she also works part time at the Pieology near CSULB as a pizza cook! I feel what she goes through when working there as I used to work as a cook at Carl’s Jr and it is not fun at all 😦 Overall, it was really nice to meet Elyse and get to know the kind of person she is 🙂

Elyse Vega WordPress: https://elysevega.wordpress.com/


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