WK12-Art Activity-Ethnography

For this week’s activity, I was supposed to spend the night without interacting with anything that involves electricity. I was thinking how will I be able to do such a thing since my whole life practically revolves around electricity 😦 what I ended up doing was that I had to close myself away in my room starting at 8 pm (except for the bathroom which I did outside unfortunately haha) and explain to my parents what I was doing so that they wouldn’t bother me haha 🙂 All in all, what I ended up doing was that I ended up getting candles in my room lit up so that I may work on homework until it was time to go to sleep. I had my phone turned off so I wouldn’t get distracted with any sort of notifications and I did my homework with a piece of paper and pencil instead of using my laptop. I worked on homework until it was around 11 pm and then I drifted to sleep in my bed. ( excuse my messy bedroom Glenn 😛 )


I thought the experience was going to be a pleasant one because this would give me an excuse to not get distracted with social media and help me in completing my assignments for my classroom. At first it seemed hard and frustrating because I wanted to turn on my phone to at least listen to music but I held the urge to and concentrated on doing my work. Once I got into the rhythm of it; however, it was “liberating” to be able to do work in peace. In terms of sleeping, overall it was better for me because I wasn’t constantly on my phone in the middle of the night checking up on social media. In terms of living without electricity, it is very limited since most of everything we have depends on electric (such as our mean of transportation and communicating) but it wouldn’t be considered boring for people who live without it because they are too distracted with trying to survive without it :/ All in all, this was a fun activity for me and I will probably try this in the future in terms of when I go camping over the summer 🙂


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