WK11-Classmate Conversation-Garrett and Nestor


For this weeks classmate conversation, I had a classmate conversation with Garrett and Nestor! I decided to join these guys and have a classmate conversation since we were all in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East looking at the art pieces together! I actually already had a classmate conversation with Garrett not too long ago which you can read here…


…but I haven’t talked to Nestor yet so I decided to join them 🙂

I first talked with Garrett, just asked him some of the same ol question on how he was doing and pretty much nothing has changed since the last time I spoke with him haha. With Nestor, I found out he was currently majoring in Biology as a Junior. Nestor was bong in Norwalk, CA but he was raised in Cypress, CA where he currently lives at the moment while attending CSULB. At the moment, he is just living the single life, concentrating in school and working out whenever he has the time available. All in all, it was fun talking to these guys, we cracked a few jokes while we waited to show and explain our ID cards and I look forward to more classmate conversations like this one 🙂

Nestor Peralta WordPress: https://nestorperaltablog.wordpress.com/

Garrett Ramirez WordPress: https://garrett4ever.wordpress.com/


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