WK8-Art Activity-Finger Painting


For this week’s art activity, I decided to do the finger painting activity with my girlfriend 🙂 This experience was a new one for me because I have never done finger painting in my life before. It was very relaxing and I was able to work with a lot of paint colors with my girlfriend. It was pretty easy to start off; we split the 8 paint colors between us and I got to work with orange, yellow, baby blue, and dark blue. We just started dipping our fingers in each of the individual paints and just started doing streaks across the paper. We weren’t aiming for any sort of goal, just to fill the entire paper with colorful paint and to make it as pretty as possible. After working our way across the paper for 5 minutes, we decided to stop and examine our work and we were pretty happy with the results!


The experience of working with finger paint with no real subject was a blast for me. I liked having to paint with no real objective or having to worry about messing up the painting itself. It was very soothing and relaxing to just dip my hands into paint and have my way with the paper; I almost felt like I was in elementary school playing with colors. In terms of comparing this piece of art with other works of art, I would consider it on average. I say average because having gone to the LACMA museum before, I was really impressed with a lot of paintings that were on display. To be honest; however, I did see some that were very “basic” and I did not feel like they belonged at LACMA. All in all, this art activity was pretty cool to do with somebody that I love and to just have our way with creating art 🙂



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