WK7–Artist Conversation–Elena Roznovan

Exhibition Information

Artist: Elena Roznovan 
Exhibition: Stop and Stare
Media: Sculpting
Gallery: Gatov East Gallery
Instagram: @eroznovan

About the Artist

Elena Roznovan is currently attending CSULB as a graduate pursuing a MFA in the Sculpting program. She is on her second year as a graduate student and she has received her undergraduate degree from Maryland Institute: College of Art. Elena has always been interested in majoring in art as she had started out as a painter before moving onto sculpting. Some of her hobbies include collecting vinyl as well as creative writing on her free time. She moved over to California and attend school here because she wanted to draw inspiration from SoCal for her “light and space” art projects. This inspiration is very apparent in her art gallery “Stop and Stare” which is influenced with what I had just mentioned as well as some art pieces by the artist Robert Irwin.


Formal Analysis

When you first enter the art gallery “Stop and Stare”, the first thing that you notice is that the room is completely dimmed of lights, making the room almost pitch dark, except for the projection on the wall. I spoke to the artist about this and this was done so that the room emphasizes the projection on the wall. The entrance to the room also is covered up with sheets to not let in much of the outside light. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the projector was displaying the same image but the brightness would constantly change but at a slow rate. In order to actually notice this change, you would have to leave the room and come back around 5 mins later to see the change. The art piece also incorporates the use of glass panels of certain colors, so that certain sections of the projection show off different colors. This is done so that the audience can perceive the picture differently as opposed to just the projection itself.


Content Analysis

First and foremost, I find it brilliant that Elena had put in front of the projection the glass panels to give a different color to certain sections of the wall. It lets the audience view the picture with a different “scenario” of some sort. For example, the one located right in the middle projects sort of a “dim lighting” so if someone was really up close to that panel, they would see the background as it being “cloudy”. If you look at another panel, it will show another scenario, weather it might compare to a sunset or a cloudy day. Also, I like how the room is completely dark, giving the audience that sort of movie theater experience going into the gallery. It is so that the audiences full attention is on the project and not the rest of the room.


Synthesis / My Experience

All in all, I enjoyed viewing this gallery and speaking to the artist herself. I wouldn’t have imagined that something like this could be considered art, but to some people it is. It is a very simple yet beautiful work of art that Elena has done today. It really shows the inspiration taken from California as well as the “light and space” theme.


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