WK6-Art Activity-Zine & Flip Books


To my most hated customers – a flip book by Sergio Perez

For this week’s art activity, I did a simple flip book on my spare time while I was at my job. A little bit of background to my job, I work as a booth attendant in downtown Long Beach and I occasionally get yelled at by customers whenever I am working, with questions such as “Why do I have to pay for parking?!” or “Why is it so expensive?!” Some customers just don’t seem to understand that when you go to downtown Long Beach, you are expected to pay for parking, there is no way around it. So with that in mind, I created a flip book while I was working over the weekend at the booth 🙂


I don’t have a particular good set of drawing skills, but I can draw basic stickmen and basic shapes in order to get my point across. I am pretty certain that most people that have worked in retail or that deal with customers on the daily can agree that they are the worst part of the job. I can say with upmost certainty that no, the customer is not always right, it is just a saying that gets passed around because every company out there does not want to lose any customers at all. But in all honesty, the customers are never right, and just complain to get services for free, so that’s why I dedicated this flip book to them.


It is short, sweet, and to the point. I enjoyed making this flip book during my work because usually when it is not busy, I am just sitting there, bored out of my mind. I unfortunately was unable to make it to class the other day due to a family emergency, so I wasn’t able to work on it in class, but that is fine. It is fine because I got more inspiration from working on it at the booth than I probably would have if I had worked on it at the classroom. All in all, I enjoyed making this flip book and I know I am going to show this to some of my coworkers at work 🙂



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