WK5-Art Activity-Automatic Drawing


For this weeks art activity, I did the Drawing (Automatic) with my little brother Mateo. I decided to do it with him because he is my youngest brother at 6 years old and he loves to draw! He is no Pablo Picasso by no means, but I really wanted to complete this art work with him because I wanted to get closer to him. He is at that age in life where he has absolutely no worries in the world and I wanted to see how his childish persona translated on the piece of paper. Most likely, I will pick him as well to complete the finger painting activity later on in the semester.


After having finished the automatic drawing, I was happy with the results. We didn’t have much to work with because I’m currently really broke and couldn’t afford much art supplies and my brother couldn’t find his crayons on time to complete this art activity so we ended using a black pen and a yellow highlighter to complete the activity. We both started off just closing our eyes and having our way with the black pen, going in zigzags mostly, and when we went with the highlighter, we did zigzags and a few random directions to give the art piece some abstract feel. In the end, I really like how it came out, it even reminds me of CSULB since our colors are gold and black, respectfully 🙂 I look forward to doing more of these type of art activities as well as the finger painting one with my little brother 😀


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