WK3-Classmate Conversation-Michael


So for this weeks classmate conversation, I had a conversation with Michael Shenouda, who also so happened to be with me when we were observing the art gallery, Scry Baby, on Wednesday. Michael is currently 21 years old and was born here in the US, but most of his family originates from Egypt. He was born in West Minister, CA but then moved over to Los Alamitos, where he spent most of his childhood growing up there as well as attending Los Alamitos high school with his 2 sisters. Michael is currently in his last semester of school here at CSULB and he will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

Some interesting facts about Michael is that he loves to watch major sporting events that revolve around basketball, baseball, as well as football. He also loves to play basketball on his free time and he currently works at his dad’s animal hospital located in Long Beach on Carson Street. Michael works as a technician assistant at the pet clinic, where he does tasks such as drawing blood out of the animals currently there. He hopes of being a Veterinarian some day as he loves to work around with animals and I say with confidence that one day you will get there Michael! 🙂

Michael Shenouda wordpress: https://futurevett.wordpress.com/


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