Wk 3–Artist Conversation–Kelvin Lopez


Exhibition Information

Artist: Kelvin Lopez
Exhibition: Scry Baby
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery
Website: https://www.facebook.com/KLART760
Instagram: @klart760

About the Artist

Kelvin Lopez came to CSULB to earn his BFA in Printmaking because they offer some of the best printmaking courses in all of the West Coast. His inspiration comes from his personal life, such as his 2 dogs and his 2 nephews. He grew up in San Diego, California, where he attended high school and had his first official art class. At first, he wasn’t really good at art and when he graduated high school, he never thought that he would be pursuing a career in Printmaking, and soon to be working his way up to graduate school. Some of his hobbies aside from printmaking include taking his dogs out for a walk with his bike, collecting crystals, as well as attending music festivals such as Coachella.


Formal Analysis

His art gallery “Scry Baby”, consists of several art pieces that are either “physical” or “virtual” as I like to call them. When I refer to his “virtual” art, I mean the actual pictures that Kelvin has created using his printmaking skills. He uses tools such as watercolors and a transparent base, as well as his inspiration from Alex Gray and Rock Brown, to create these marvelous works of art. He bases most of his art work from his personal life and he incorporates it into his art pieces. Since most of his work includes either a mix of his nephews, dogs, and/or crystals, his art work isn’t as abstract as one would imagine, but he incorporates mind blowing colors and “special effects” in his work. His “physical” art pieces consist of the crystals that he has collected over the years that he puts on display so that his audience may further gain a better understanding from where he gets his influence from.


Content Analysis

Kelvin is a very spiritual person and his art work shows this side of him very clearly. He spoke about how the crystals that he collects remind him about a “crystal ball”, in the sense that he can see into the future. Most, if not all, of his art pieces at his gallery demonstrate this crystal ball symbolism, since he incorporates this sort of “crystal” effect surrounding either himself as a child or his nephews. His main goal in his art work is to speak to his audience about the “future” and what lies in the road ahead through the use of crystals. These crystals can also represent a sort of “time stamp” or memory that the audience can look back in Kelvin’s past, since crystal balls typically allow a user to see not only into the future, but also into the past.


Synthesis / My Experience

I really enjoy viewing Kelvin’s art gallery “Scry Baby”. First and foremost, I was very intrigued as to how he was able to create such amazing pieces of art with the use of printmaking. Before having listened to Kelvin, I had no idea what printmaking consisted of. I now have a better understanding of what printmaking consists of and the challenges that Kelvin faces when creating his art work. What also stuck out to me was his take on his crystal drawings. It was very fascinating viewing his art work and how he created these sort of crystals that look so perfect. His works also remind me of how visible and transparent some crystals are and allow a user to view through them, in his case, containing a sort of memory inside each crystal. It really makes you think about how you must really appreciate every moment in your life, because there will come a point in your life that a specific and important moment in our lifetimes will be just a memory we can look upon “through the crystals”.


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