WK2-Art Activity-Landscape w/a Corpse


Downtown Long Beach is a notorious spot for being a place to go have some fun, to go out clubbing with friends, and to make memories happen. In my situation, that is not the case, unfortunately. I come down here every weekend to work as a parking attendant during the late night shift when everybody is out partying and getting drunk. I understand the risks that come with this job, one of them being that I occasionally have to deal with dangerous drunk people when giving out citations and whatnot. I should have been more careful on this specific night because if I would have run from the situation when I had the chance, I would not have my loved ones crying over my grave right about now.

I had been mugged and stabbed while having finished my late night job. It all happened after I had clocked out at the office and made my way to my car to go home. Then it all happened so quickly. I saw a few drunks messing around near the spot where my car was located and instead of fleeing the scene as quickly as possible, I made the mistake of taking one of them on. Big mistake as at that moment on, they pinned me up against a garbage bin, stripped me of my money, and then proceeded to stab me multiple times for harassing one of them. They took off as quickly as possible and I was sitting still beside the bin, left to die.

I now write this message from beyond the grave so that you, the audience, may learn from my experience. I hope that you will not repeat the mistakes that I have accomplished or you too will be missed by your loved ones.


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