WK1-Art Activity-Plaster Casting


For our first week’s art project, we were instructed to do a plaster casting of either our hand and/or foot as a fun activity to do at the beach. Unfortunately due to me working most of Thursday all the way to Saturday, I was unable to go to the beach whatsoever :/ I ended up compromising and achieved the casting in the comfort of my home with the “ingredients” pictured above.

I started my pounding the wet sand into one of the empty buckets that my parents have laying around the garage and as soon as the bucket was half way full of sand, I inserted my hand into the bucket in order to make the mold for the casting. I made sure that when it came time to remove my hand, that I removed it carefully because I did not want to ruin the mold. I then mixed the plaster with some water and poured it into the mold. I made sure that I did this project just before I ate dinner so that I may prepare my food and eat while the cast harden. After waiting 30 minutes, I came back to dig my casting out and clean off the excess sand to show off the final product.


All in all, it came out pretty decent and I am happy the way it turned out. This was a fun and interesting project to do on a Sunday evening and I look forward to the rest of the art projects we will be accomplishing over the course of this semester 🙂


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