WK11–Artist Conversation–Soroush T. Moghim


Exhibition Information

Artist: Soroush T. Moghim
Exhibition: Geometry of Grief
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: @soroushmoghim

About the Artist

So apologies in advance Glenn, but I wasn’t really able to get any information on the artist Soroush T. Moghim since we were about to talk with him when he was interrupted with lots of school children running inside his exhibit and he had to make sure they didn’t mess with any of his art pieces. I would have made my art blog on someone else but I decided to stick with Moghim’s exhibit because I really appreciated his work compared to the other artists.



Formal/Content Analysis

Upon entering the gallery of “Geometry of Grief“, I noticed the same pattern that other artist’s galleries have, the room was dimmed down with soothing music playing in the background. This is a common practice that I see most artist do but I appreciate nonetheless 🙂 There wasn’t a lot of art pieces to go looking at but the few that there were around the room were pretty appealing to look at. Being inside the gallery, I read upon the Artist statement where I read that the point of the gallery is to be “sublime” and enjoying aspects in ordinary items. Just taking a look at the piece of the spinning violin on the ceiling (forgot the name >_<) just brings a sense of relaxation and one may appreciate the changing colors that act as a sort of “ground” for the violin (figure). Everything inside the exhibit caught my attention because everything was unique, like no 2 art pieces were alike in that sense. Combine that with the music and dim lights, and everything in there becomes “emphasized” to the viewer and they start to see what Moghim was talking about, embracing human imperfections and just searching for the sublime in everyday things.


Synthesis / My Experience

All in all, this art gallery was really nice to look at and appreciate all the art pieces. It was a shame that I wasn’t able to talk to Soroush and get more insight to his art gallery but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I really did feel a sense of “beauty” and “sublime” vibes while being inside the art gallery, which is something I don’t often feel on my day to day basis.

WK11-Classmate Conversation-Garrett and Nestor


For this weeks classmate conversation, I had a classmate conversation with Garrett and Nestor! I decided to join these guys and have a classmate conversation since we were all in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East looking at the art pieces together! I actually already had a classmate conversation with Garrett not too long ago which you can read here…


…but I haven’t talked to Nestor yet so I decided to join them 🙂

I first talked with Garrett, just asked him some of the same ol question on how he was doing and pretty much nothing has changed since the last time I spoke with him haha. With Nestor, I found out he was currently majoring in Biology as a Junior. Nestor was bong in Norwalk, CA but he was raised in Cypress, CA where he currently lives at the moment while attending CSULB. At the moment, he is just living the single life, concentrating in school and working out whenever he has the time available. All in all, it was fun talking to these guys, we cracked a few jokes while we waited to show and explain our ID cards and I look forward to more classmate conversations like this one 🙂

Nestor Peralta WordPress: https://nestorperaltablog.wordpress.com/

Garrett Ramirez WordPress: https://garrett4ever.wordpress.com/

WK10–Artist Conversation–Amy Duran

Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Duran
Exhibition:Forever by your Side
Gallery:Marilyn Werby Gallery
Instagram: @polkadot.pony

About the Artist

I wasn’t able to learn much information about her unfortunately because she wasn’t there in person and I had to rely on her brother for most of the information, so apologies in advanced Glenn :/ What I did learn from her; however, is that she is currently attending CSULB as a senior while she pursues a BFA in the Ceramic. On her spare time ,when she isn’t busy doing school work, she will create different kinds of art pieces (not just ceramic based) and she is a cake decorator on the side while attending school. Her gallery is focused about her as a young girl who takes on a journey in finding out who she really is.


Formal Analysis

Upon entering the gallery of “Forever by your side”, you will notice the quiet sound of music playing in the background as the tiny room is displayed with little panels displaying cute figurines of a young girl and several animals. Each panel (excluding the last one) features a moveable stick which will move the set piece in a certain direction to give the audiences a better look at the art pieces. Alongside each panel, a book is featured with a sort of “narration” going on which gives some background as to what is going on in that “scene”. The way the gallery is set up, the art pieces are telling a story of a young girl discovering who she is and what her purpose in this world is.


Content Analysis

First and foremost, I love how the art gallery clearly gives a story for the audience to tune into. For Amy Duran, this felt like a “coming of age for woman” where she was slowly leaving her childlike state as she was turning into a young adult. She tells us through her art pieces and written paragraphs that she is scared of growing up, she fears for herself but it is something that we must all do at some point in our lives. Also, the way it is laid out is wonderful, you have to do almost a 180 degree turn around the room to experience the whole masterpiece. Couple that with the slow playing music in the background, and the gallery really is something unique on its own.


Synthesis / My Experience

All in all, I had a great time viewing this art gallery as soon as I walked into the room. The work that Amy has presented today really feels unique and stands out from the other galleries that I encountered that day. It truly is a shame that the artist herself was not able to answer some of my questions but I appreciate her work for what it is.

WK10-Art Activity-The Wedge

FullSizeRender 4

Any CSULB Alumni, staff, or student can tell you one thing about “The Wedge”, you wish it wasn’t there, yet we are all guilty at some point in our life’s to have passed through it. Yes it does save a few seconds of your day (if you get through without any disruption) but is it really worth it in the end? Especially given how crowded it usually ends up getting around the USU and the chances of bumping into someone are pretty high, it just makes no sense to continuously pass by that “wedge”. Well the solution is a simple one.

FullSizeRender 3

By inserting a simple metal bar (not drawn to scale) we will effectively cut down on people getting across the wedge to 0%. The way the bar will be set up is high enough so an average person will have difficulties getting over it, but low enough so it would look silly if you were to go under it. Given the fact that college students really don’t want to be put in an awkward position either, it just wouldn’t be worth the hassle to try to go over or underneath the metal pole, putting a stop to the trespassing of people through “the wedge”. There wouldn’t really be any tradeoffs other than you have to go around the structure, as it was intended, and CSULB students that will be attending the future will become accustomed to walking in the correct path as the senior students that once knew about the “wedge” slowly start to graduate and the problem will cease to exist 🙂 And believe me when I say this is for the better, I have observed many students last week trying to pass on through and it really is an embarrassing site to look at, so why not just make it the norm to walk around the wedge?

WK9-Art Activity-Graffiti Writing


For this week’s art activity, we were instructed to do graffiti paintings of our name 🙂 Since I was low on cash this week I was unable to make the trip over to Venice beach :/ but instead I did this in the comfort of my home. I didn’t want to waste any money on this activity so I got the only 3 spray paint cans that my dad had laying around and started to have my way with the flat piece of wood. I didn’t really know what I was aiming for and since I am really not an artist, it really didn’t come out the way I had imagined it but it was still a fun experience! It was relaxing to say nonetheless and I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to give graffiti painting a try!  I will definitely be trying this again during the summer and I will make sure by then I have more of an array of colors to choose from haha



WK8-Classmate Conversation-Garrett


For this week’s classmate conversation, I struck up a conversation with Garrett Ramirez! Garrett is currently on his 5th and final year here at CSULB as a communications major. Garrett lives pretty close by to CSULB as he was born and raised here in California and lives in the city of Wellington. Some of the hobbies that Garrett likes to accomplish in his spare time is creating fantastic art pieces,  skateboarding around his city, as well as attending music festivals like Coachella. Garrett currently works as a pool technician while attending his final year here at CSULB. He actually has been working there for 3 whole years, so practically the entire time he has been going to school 😮 Garrett is currently not with anybody at the moment (single ready to mingle haha) and he told me that he has a tattoo in a very special place that I will not be disclosing on here 😂

Garrett Ramirez  Wordpress: https://garrett4ever.wordpress.com/

WK8-Art Activity-Finger Painting


For this week’s art activity, I decided to do the finger painting activity with my girlfriend 🙂 This experience was a new one for me because I have never done finger painting in my life before. It was very relaxing and I was able to work with a lot of paint colors with my girlfriend. It was pretty easy to start off; we split the 8 paint colors between us and I got to work with orange, yellow, baby blue, and dark blue. We just started dipping our fingers in each of the individual paints and just started doing streaks across the paper. We weren’t aiming for any sort of goal, just to fill the entire paper with colorful paint and to make it as pretty as possible. After working our way across the paper for 5 minutes, we decided to stop and examine our work and we were pretty happy with the results!


The experience of working with finger paint with no real subject was a blast for me. I liked having to paint with no real objective or having to worry about messing up the painting itself. It was very soothing and relaxing to just dip my hands into paint and have my way with the paper; I almost felt like I was in elementary school playing with colors. In terms of comparing this piece of art with other works of art, I would consider it on average. I say average because having gone to the LACMA museum before, I was really impressed with a lot of paintings that were on display. To be honest; however, I did see some that were very “basic” and I did not feel like they belonged at LACMA. All in all, this art activity was pretty cool to do with somebody that I love and to just have our way with creating art 🙂