WK15-Classmate Conversation-Nestor

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For this week’s classmate conversation, I talked to Nestor who was sitting next to me! Nestor is currently majoring in Biology as a Junior here at CSULB. Nestor was born in Norwalk, CA but he was raised in Cypress, CA where he currently lives at the moment while working part time and going to school. At the moment, he is just living the single life, concentrating in school and working out whenever he has the time available. He only works during the summer and winter as a truck driver that delivers supplies to certain distribution centers. All in all, it was fun talking to Nestor, we cracked a few jokes while we waited for class to end and overall he is a really nice guy 🙂

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WK14-Art Activity-Japenese Garden sketches


For this week’s art activity, we did sketches in the japenese garden 😊 Since these were sketches done in a short amount of time, I don’t consider them very fabulous lol but I tried my best! The first one pictured above was the 5 minute sketch of the garden which pictures the garden from where I was situated. The ones pictured below were part of the 30 second sketches, which were meant to practice our hand to eye coordination so that we did our 5 minute sketch with excellent intentions. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience since I haven’t been to the garden since freshman year and I love sketching. I think this might be my most favorite art activity in all and I will definetly be reenacting this in the near future 😊IMG_2699

WK14-Classmate Conversation-Mark De Artola


For this week’s Classmate conversation, I had a conversation with Mark De Artola at the Japanese garden! Mark is currently attending CSULB as a Kineseology major with an emphasis in exercise science. Currently he is on his second year of school here while he lives in Temple City, CA. While he attends school here, Mark currently works at El Torito as a host and sometimes as a busboy, depending on the shift he is working. He works there to make ends meet, since Mark does a long commute from Temple city to Long Beach as well as the fact that books are expensive haha. On his free time, Mark spends his time either skating, going to the beach, or working on his car. All in all, I had a wonderful time talking to Mark and get to know who he is 😊

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WK13–Artist Conversation–Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez
Exhibition: La Cena Esta Servida
Media: 3-D Media
Gallery: Merlino Gallery
Instagram: @kgrmetalcraft


About the Artist

For this week’s artist conversation, I had a conversation with Krystal Ramirez! Krystal is currently attending CSULB for her Bachelor’s in 3-D media with the emphasis being on Metal and Jewelry. She comes from the Huntington Beach, CA and grew up in a hispanic family just like me 🙂 She moved over here to Long Beach to pursue a career in Art because every since she was little, her passion was to create beautiful pieces of art.



Formal/Content Analysis

Upon entering the gallery of “La Cena Esta Servida”, I noticed that the whole art exhibit was contained on one single table located in the center. The table wasn’t necessarily her art, but the “dishes” on the table were of her creation. Every piece located on the table was unique in it’s own way, with different shapes and different material for each single piece. Some pieces did look like dinner utensils (ex. spoon/fork/knife) but others looked like different pieces altogether. I guess what the gallery is trying to convey is all the different “stories” that people bring to the dinner table in terms of sharing and socializing. Krystal had stated that a big influence for the project was how everybody brought something different to the table and how get togethers around the table were really special to her since it brought her closer to her friends and family. You can definitely see her commitment to try and bring up those meaningful times with friends and family by the way her art is beautifully crafted.



Synthesis / My Experience

All in all, I had a great time viewing this art gallery as soon as I walked into the room. I really loved the title of the art gallery since it is in Spanish and I come from a hispanic family. She might have done this exhibit because for latinos, being together with family at the table is such an important issue. Most families might be busy with work or school but it is really heart warming that at the end of the day, we can all just sit around like family and enjoy the meal that we are to indulge in 🙂

WK13-Classmate Conversation-Elyse Vega


For this week’s classmate conversation, I had a great conversation with Elyse Vega outside the art galleries! Elyse Vega is currently attending CSULB as a Sophomore with the intent to graduate with a B.S. in Consumer Affairs. At first, she came in as a Biology major, but that quickly changed to Psychology, then Business, then Kinesiology, and then eventually to Consumer Affairs haha. She isn’t from around the Long Beach area as she was born and raised in San Diego, CA with 6 other siblings (3 brothers and 3 sisters). Some of the hobbies that Elyse loves to do in her spare time include playing volleyball and spending time doing activities for her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha. I had asked her what it means to be in a sorority since I don’t know much about Greek life and she told me that aside from all the fun activities she does with her fellow members, that she also has responsibilities to accomplish. Aside from school related work, she also works part time at the Pieology near CSULB as a pizza cook! I feel what she goes through when working there as I used to work as a cook at Carl’s Jr and it is not fun at all 😦 Overall, it was really nice to meet Elyse and get to know the kind of person she is 🙂

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WK12-Art Activity-Ethnography

For this week’s activity, I was supposed to spend the night without interacting with anything that involves electricity. I was thinking how will I be able to do such a thing since my whole life practically revolves around electricity 😦 what I ended up doing was that I had to close myself away in my room starting at 8 pm (except for the bathroom which I did outside unfortunately haha) and explain to my parents what I was doing so that they wouldn’t bother me haha 🙂 All in all, what I ended up doing was that I ended up getting candles in my room lit up so that I may work on homework until it was time to go to sleep. I had my phone turned off so I wouldn’t get distracted with any sort of notifications and I did my homework with a piece of paper and pencil instead of using my laptop. I worked on homework until it was around 11 pm and then I drifted to sleep in my bed. ( excuse my messy bedroom Glenn 😛 )


I thought the experience was going to be a pleasant one because this would give me an excuse to not get distracted with social media and help me in completing my assignments for my classroom. At first it seemed hard and frustrating because I wanted to turn on my phone to at least listen to music but I held the urge to and concentrated on doing my work. Once I got into the rhythm of it; however, it was “liberating” to be able to do work in peace. In terms of sleeping, overall it was better for me because I wasn’t constantly on my phone in the middle of the night checking up on social media. In terms of living without electricity, it is very limited since most of everything we have depends on electric (such as our mean of transportation and communicating) but it wouldn’t be considered boring for people who live without it because they are too distracted with trying to survive without it :/ All in all, this was a fun activity for me and I will probably try this in the future in terms of when I go camping over the summer 🙂

WK11–Artist Conversation–Soroush T. Moghim


Exhibition Information

Artist: Soroush T. Moghim
Exhibition: Geometry of Grief
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: @soroushmoghim

About the Artist

So apologies in advance Glenn, but I wasn’t really able to get any information on the artist Soroush T. Moghim since we were about to talk with him when he was interrupted with lots of school children running inside his exhibit and he had to make sure they didn’t mess with any of his art pieces. I would have made my art blog on someone else but I decided to stick with Moghim’s exhibit because I really appreciated his work compared to the other artists.



Formal/Content Analysis

Upon entering the gallery of “Geometry of Grief“, I noticed the same pattern that other artist’s galleries have, the room was dimmed down with soothing music playing in the background. This is a common practice that I see most artist do but I appreciate nonetheless 🙂 There wasn’t a lot of art pieces to go looking at but the few that there were around the room were pretty appealing to look at. Being inside the gallery, I read upon the Artist statement where I read that the point of the gallery is to be “sublime” and enjoying aspects in ordinary items. Just taking a look at the piece of the spinning violin on the ceiling (forgot the name >_<) just brings a sense of relaxation and one may appreciate the changing colors that act as a sort of “ground” for the violin (figure). Everything inside the exhibit caught my attention because everything was unique, like no 2 art pieces were alike in that sense. Combine that with the music and dim lights, and everything in there becomes “emphasized” to the viewer and they start to see what Moghim was talking about, embracing human imperfections and just searching for the sublime in everyday things.


Synthesis / My Experience

All in all, this art gallery was really nice to look at and appreciate all the art pieces. It was a shame that I wasn’t able to talk to Soroush and get more insight to his art gallery but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I really did feel a sense of “beauty” and “sublime” vibes while being inside the art gallery, which is something I don’t often feel on my day to day basis.